Crisp video in all formats, on every device!

YOUR VIDEO to all screens & devices EVERYWHERE!


Our Videoformat will reach your audience in a professional, efficient and reliable way. Our ad-streaming technologies works seamlessly together with our servers to ensure ultra-fast load times and crisp, high quality video output.

Behind the Videoformat you´ll find our true strenght: Our team of service-minded, experienced and broad-skilled individuals! We will assist to make sure your campaign will have the highest reach and hitrate possible.

Remember... systems and technologies are only the tools.


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Video brings every story to life!


1 image is worth a 1000 words. That´s why we love to show 25 images every second!

Take a look at some of our cases below

Video ad

Client: SF Studios
Industry: Film Distribution

Video ad

Client: Norsk Tipping
Industry: Betting Company

Video ad

Client: SF Studios
Industry: Film Distribution

Video ad for TV Series

Client: Discovery Networks
Industry: Streaming

Video ad

Client: SF Studios
Industry: Film Distribution

Engage. Inspire.

We make it possible


AdServe and our Videobanner is developed by Artworx AS, a norwegian company with long experience in ad-tech, video and banner development. We have delivered video campaigns for the nordic movie industry for more than 14 years.

You will be suprised by how fast and easy you can upgrade from a static campaign into an engaging video campaign.

Supreme Quality


We never compromise on quality! Both the user experience and advertisers interests are in focus with us. Our professional team will always find the better solution for both parties, based on in-depth knowledge & experience.

You don´t need to worry about any restrictions. Deliver your high quality assets to us, and we´ll take care of the rest.

Ultra-Fast Load Times


With our clustered cloud server solution, we offer the best-in-class load times. High capacity, high performance and finely tuned high-end banner- and video hosting.

We are approved and certified by all major publishers and networks.



We highly value transparency throughout the whole process, giving the best outset for cooperation and growth.

You´ll get your personal advisor and a campaign dashboard where you can view real-time stats & costs.

Reach. Convert.

Our knowledge

The people behind Adserve have been hands-on both in production and in advisory relations with their clients for more than 14 years. We are proud that many of our largest and most quality demanding clients have trusted us for all these years, and still do!

Adserve was initially born as an internal system to support our colleagues in production, quality secure the delivery process and bringing the long wanted flexibility to our clients. As we developed and fine-tuned our system into what it is today, we know that many out there will benefit greatly from using Adserve in both production, as an advertisor, publisher or media agency. 

Adserve´s headquarters and serverpark are situated in Oslo, Norway. We have in-depth knowledge about the norwegian and scandinavian ad environment including user behaviour, tech & specs, publishers and networks.

Reach out and we´re more than happy to answere any question you have!

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